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Tourism in Nagercoil

Every city is full of tourist places. Some of them are more famous while some of them are less known or may be known to the surrounding people only. However, when you are in a city, you always try to visit all the places of the same and if in any case you don’t have that much time, you at least visit the most renowned places of that city. Nagercoil also has places of both of these categories and offers various tourist attractions to all of its visitors.

Religious spots in nagercoil

Religious Spots in Nagercoil

There are many divine destinations located in the city of Nagercoil, but the most famous among all of them is the Nagaraja Temple. It is a one of its kind temple and attracts thousands of tourists on a regular basis. The temple’s mail deities are Ananda Krishna and Nagaraja and there are various images of snakes inside the temple. Most fascinating fact about this temple is that the gatekeepers of the sanctums of this temple are two snakes. Koilvilai Temple Garden located at Monikettipottal is another major temple of the area and is known for its natural beauty and a lush green garden. St. Francis Xavier’s Church is also among the most visited divine destinations of the city as it was built in 1600 AD and has great significance among the followers of Christianity.

Tourist Attractions in Nagercoil

Tourist Attractions in nagercoil

Vattakottai Fort and Padmanabhapuram Palace are two of the most visited tourist attractions around Nagercoil. Both of these places are ancient and showcase marvelous architecture of ancient era. Muppandal Wind Farm is another gem as it is the largest of its kind in entire Asia.  Thousands of electricity-producing windmills offer you a sight which is impossible to forget ever. The Clock Tower located in the city of Nagercoil is another major attraction as it is around 100 years old and the most special thing about this tower is that the clock of it was presented by the European missionary, Rev. Duthie to the Maharajah of Travancore during his visit to Nagercoil in the later part of the 19th century.

How to Reach at Nagercoil

Trivandrum Domestic Airport is the closest airport from Nagercoil and is located at a distance of about 70 Km. One can take a bus or taxi from there to reach Nagercoil. Nagercoil is well connected to all the nearby and major cities by the bus services. Nagercoil Railway Station connects the city to major destinations including Kanyakumari, Trivandrum, Chennai and Madurai.

Travelling Within Nagercoil

City buses are the most famous medium of travel within the Nagercoil. A lot of people also like to travel by auto rickshaws and private taxis. However, if you decide to take an auto rickshaw for your travel, you must know about the charges in advance as usually they charge a huge amount form the travelers. Click here for more details on transport in Nagercoil

Best Time to Visit Nagercoil

Climate of Nagercoil is almost pleasant and moderate throughout the year. Still the best time to visit the city is from October to March as this is the winter season and the temperature varies between 17 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius at this time. People enjoy this time the most as it is perfect for outing, sightseeing and other tourist activities.  In summer months temperature gets a little warmer, while during the rainy season heavy rain falls and thunderstorms are a normal activity.

Hotels in Nagercoil

Finding a suitable hotel as per your choice is one of the main task associated with any travel. Hundreds of websites offer details about the various hotels located in each and every city. However finding the best for you is a tough task and takes a lot of time and patience. Nagercoil offers different kinds of hotels including lodges and luxurious to all of the vacationers and business persons. To know more about the hotels of Nagercoil, click here

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