Ambulance and Blood Banks Services in Nagercoil

Ambulance services and blood banks both are crucial life-saving elements. Therefore having information regarding ambulance services and nearby blood banks is one of the main tasks in preparation. Several hospitals in every city offer their own ambulance services, but if you have a service provider located near to your house then it is always advisable to call them first at the place of hospital. In Nagercoil too, there are several ambulance services provided both by the hospital or any other private and social organisation.  Let us take a look at the ambulance service providers of Nagercoil:

List of Ambulance Services in Nagercoil

Ambulance Services in Nagercoil

Ganesamoni Hospital
No 6, Near Tnstc Bus Depot, Hindu College Road,
Kottar, Nagercoil Ho, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-225392, 220484

Sushrusha Medicare Centre Pvt Ltd
Trivandrum Main Road, Kalliancaud Junction,
Nagercoil Town, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-232346, 231288

Manuel Orthopaedic Hospital
Tirunelveli Main Road, Therekal Puthoor,
Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-651001, 272311, 272312, 272310, 651008

Kottar Government Hospital
Kottar Government Hospital Building,
Kottar Nagercoil, Kottar, Nagercoil - 629002

Irudayam Hospitals Private Limited
Vn Puram Nagercoil, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001

Newpakia Ambulance Service & Freezer Box Service
1/127/3, Medical College Junction,
Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001

Sala Ambulance Service
No - 42, Dennison Road, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-9000393362, 9843085040, 9894214936

N.Rajesh Ambulance & Freezer Box Service
Opp. Sriram Hospital, Idalakudi, Kottar, Nagercoil - 629002
(91)-9487688750, 9367524460

Sivas Ambulance & Freezer Box Service
Ramanputhoor, Nagercoil Industrial Estate, Nagercoil- 629004
(91)-9840188492, 9787925050

List of Blood Banks in Nagercoil

Blood Banks in Nagercoil

There are only a few blood banks located in Nagercoil. Some of these blood banks are located inside the hospital and caters to the need of inhouse-patients only, while others are located outside the hospitals and caters to the need of everyone. Let us take a look at the blood banks of Nagercoil:

Royal Blood Bank & Diagnostics

No 40/2-197, Near Ramamoorthy Hospital And PWD Road,
Peria Nadar Street,Rv Puram, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-9842135095, 9443123923
(91)-4652-229903, 228175, 226043

Sivanthi Blood Bank
No 1/1 344 A 1st Floor, Near Pioneer Kumaraswamy College
Vetturnimadam, M S Road, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-221221, 221331

Kanya Blood Bank
173, Near Subjail, K.p.road,Ramavarmapuram,
Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-279850, 278951

A.V. Rajan Blood Banks Centre
75, P.w.d.road, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001

IMC Blood Bank
Dr Kumaraswami Health Centre, Kottaram Post,
Perumalpuram, Nagercoil HO, Nagercoil - 629001
(91)-4652-270756, 270636, 271050
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